The SportyVibe™ Story - SportyVibe™


It’s been a LOT of years. 10 to be exact. We brought Sporty out at a time when the world wasn’t ready for us. We were cute, but a bit to saucy for tailgates. We were a vibrator, but not a really good one (hey it’s the truth!). We were team specific, but (because we didn’t want to get sued by the NCAA) not directly tied to the schools that we were marketing to.

So where does that leave us? With about 2000 vibrators that we need to sell so that we can take a step back and look at the market and decide where we want to go. Heck, the NCAA licenses thongs now – why not a team-themed vibrator??

We’ll out it out to the universe and see where we land. Sporty 2.0? Time will tell!

We are two women -college sports fans- who decided to develop and sell Vibrators. Why? We were looking for a product that allowed fans to show their team spirit and we wanted it to be something unique. Something that hadn’t already been done. But it seemed everything that could possibly have a college logo or produced in familiar college colors is already out there.

College themed Muffin Pan? Taken. Logo Ice Tray? Too Late. How About a Dog Collar? Nope, Fido is already covered. Oh! What about a Team Jersey Grill Cover? Beaten to the punch. Yes, there’s nothing left. Or is there. Behold: the team-colored vibrator. Yes, vibrator.

Product Description

We have actively sought out the finest, and safest materials available while creating our product line. SportyVibe™’s main product has been developed primarily as an adult novelty product, for sports fans.