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It’s time to take your team spirit somewhere it’s never been before.

SportyVibe™ is guaranteed to arouse interest and stimulate more than just conversation. This Personal Arousal Device gives you a new way to score!

For the biggest score in the biggest house around…
Have your own private party beating Sparty… The coach won’t be the only one who’ll be trying out a spread offense!
A veritable Red Cedar River of pleasure- you’ll achieve multiple score-gasms during every game!
Sparty On… and on! With Sporty Vibe™ – if your heart is in East Lansing, then this vibe will have you dancing!
SportyVibe puts the “O!” in Ohio like never before.

Every Buckeye will want this Buck-Toy, and the next time you see Brutus Dancing on the field or the court- you’ll know why!

SBoda Getta Boda Getta Boda Get It On!
Boda Getta Boda Getta Boda Get It On!
Get a little more Tiger spirit in you with SportyVibe™! You can have your own private Pajama Parade with this orange-and-blue Sporty… Boda Getta Vibe!

Serious Fun For the Serious Fan

College themed Muffin Pan? Taken.
Logo Ice Tray? Too Late.
How About a Dog Collar? Nope, Fido is already covered.
Oh! What about a Team Jersey Grill Cover? Beaten to the punch.
Yes, there’s nothing left. Or is there.
Behold: the team-themed vibrator. Yes, vibrator.

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